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Borewell Drilling Contractors in Bangalore City

At Venkateshwara Borewells, we are offering excellent drilling solutions in Bangalore city. Order placement by our customers include medium to high residential areas, commercial shopping complex sites, office sites, farming fields of various soil conditions, busy construction sites and sites owned by public establishments.

Apart from urban plots, we have established our works in non-urban and semi-urban areas, thereby, respecting the equity in customers, regardless to their geographical locations.

Groundwater examiners are skilled to locate with careful scientific study and discover the right borewell point, as well as installation of submersible hand pumps. For durability purpose, we are providing de-salting and cleaning of broken borewells and earth sets with in-depth examination at site. Additionally, we undertake Air-Compressor hiring and overall borewell maintenance.

Borewell drilling contractors perform a minute study at the modern table and top drive stations to percussion cable tools.

Drilling operation is performed by Hand Auger, Calyx, Rotary and DTH. Hand Auger is most suitable for exotic and high loose growth with potential in seaside areas, where water and soil quality can be ascertained while drilling to ensure constructive effective Borewells and Tubewells. Calyx Drills are used in sedimentary and clayey soils found in stream Alluvium or stream banks. We even develop large Pipe Water Wells with Pepples / graded stone packaging.

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