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Venkateshwara Borewells provides smart and reliable solutions to overcome water scarcity in Bangalore in the near future. Bore wells and Water well systems that solve the water issues are the best alternate option. Venkateshwara Borewell, is a well established contractor with more than 40 years of commitment and is certified by the International Certification Registrar (ICR). Venkateshwara Borewells is making citizens proud consumers by using advanced geo-physical methods.

Venkateshwara Borewells is approved by Government to provide scientific solutions for domestic, industrial, commercial spaces, prestigious apartments, agricultural fields, construction, institutions and Govt. approved water well projects. We are well-equipped with super fast high pressure hydraulic drilling rig instruments and drilling tools which is used for 4 ½, 6 & 6½ dais borewell drilling.

Our exploration focuses on establishing conductor supports for onshore Borewell Services in Metropolitan City Bangalore. Comprehensive expertise applied at different range of floor circumstances. Our double turning borewell performs water well drilling even at difficult floor circumstances and reduces the risk associated in cleaning out or at undermining stations. This could result in significant savings in time and cost management.

Our Borewell Contractors are skilled with ultra-modern machinery to provide service to both domestic and commercial clients with appreciable efficiency. Our ethical practice follows our motto: "Our dedication is customer satisfaction and we follow the slogan "Service to Mankind is Service to God".

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